Serax x Ann Demeulemeester 2x Skálar 12.9cm

6.990 kr.

Serax x Ann Demeulemeester Skálar

Þvermál 12.9 cm

Hæð 4.2 cm 


2x saman í kassa

With Dé, the play of chiaroscuro, light and shadow that is so characteristic of the style of Ann Demeulemeester is translated into tableware. The result is a collection of shadow paintings on porcelain. The edges of the fine plates feature a ‘dégradé’, painted by hand in several layers to create a meticulous interplay of lines. This craftsmanship makes each plate unique and enables a wide array of combinations. The arrangement of the different plates can be tailored according to the guest, the atmosphere and the dish. The play of light that occurs when the shadow effects of plates and cups touch each other is also extraordinary